Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jason Aldean Tour

It's 2013, and everyone knows what that means, a new Jason Aldean country music tour. You won't have to wait very long for Jason Aldean to come to a city near by your hometown! He's doing a nationwide tour with stops all over the map. You can check the dates on the site to find out when he's going to be close to you. You can see him perform all of his number one hits like don't you want to stay, why, and dirt Road anthem. If you want to see him perform live now is a great time to pick up your tickets.

If you have not yet decided if you would like to see this young country superstar, maybe a bit about his story could help you make your decision. It was in 1977 in Georgia when Jason Aldean was born. It didn't take his family very long before they found out that he was a person who was made for the stage. He would practice guitar all the time when he was a young boy during the summer, he was quickly able to play together with his father, and it was during these jam sessions that he started to get his musical talent developed. When he turned 14 he performed at the VFW Hall, and it was at this venue that he was hooked on music for life after he received a standing ovation from the audience.

Things got off to a tough start though. He didn't taste the immediate success that so many of today's stars did. He signed with a song publishing company called Warner Chapel and moved to Nashville when he was 21. It only took a month before he got offered his first record contract, but the label later dropped him. Jason Aldean then signed on with a different label, but in 2000 he once again got dropped from his label.

It was after the second time of getting dropped that he began to get discouraged after he could not quickly find another label to take him on. Not only that, the talent scouts that were supposed to be watching his concerts often didn't show up. He was getting ready to quit, he told himself that he will try to make his dream come true for another six months. If he was not able to find a label within this time. He was going to go home. With five weeks left of his six-month deadline to go he got signed to a new record label called broken Bow records. Thanks to their support he started releasing his first singles. And it was these singles that allowed him to achieve the fame that he currently enjoys.